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Costa Rica 72% | Artist: D'ART

Costa Rica 72% | Artist: D'ART

Pure Pleasure

Super minimal ingredients for a rich, deeply satisfying chocolate experience

Ethically traded, organic, single-origin cacao.

Costa Rican Chocolate - 72% Cacao DAR CHOCOLATE is honored to feature this incredibly delicious chocolate from Costa Rica. Made from cacao beans sourced and dried by Steve DeVries in 2009 on the Finmac farm. This cacao is from its last harvest in 2017, making it a rare chocolate bar, worthy of special occasions. Could even be called the “food of the gods.”

Flavor notes: deep chocolatey with hints of ripe berries.


Ethically Traded ~ Certified Organic Cacao ~ Gluten Free

Store in a cool, dry and shaded place


DAR ART BARS present limited editions of curated, rotating collections of art on its packaging. Collaborating with artists and inspiring art lovers. Craft chocolate with a purpose.

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