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At DAR Chocolate, we delight not only in making delicious sweet treats that are organically and fair-trade sourced, but also in the fact that we are Colorado Proud. From top to bottom, we are committed to supporting our local economy. Here's what that looks like for us.


Colorado Chocolate

After our life-changing encounter with the cacao plant in Costa Rica we knew it was time to move to the United States and start our chocolate shop. We toyed with the idea of moving to California because we have family there. We also felt called to Denver- nestled between Old Town Fort Collins to the north and Colorado Springs to the south, we knew we would have lots to explore in terms of phenomenal day trips during our downtime.

We had visited Denver previously and loved the vibe, so we did a bit of market research and found there was space for us to start a small-batch chocolate company. With the longstanding tradition and success of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, we also know Coloradans love chocolate. Plus, we had the idea that we would start a CBD chocolate company (and we did- check it out here!) and we wanted to be able to source the CBD and hemp locally.

Denver Chocolate

Local is important to us- from our sugar to our packaging, we use Colorado companies. Obviously, we can't say that we are Colorado proud from bean to bar, as cacao is not available in our state, but we intentionally source local products and use local companies every step of the way.

It's our way of building a chocolate community. Whether it's talking about the weather before we start to do business with a client, or driving to the printer to pick up our materials from the person who created them to stopping in at the store for ingredients and getting ideas from other products on the shelf, we know the people we are working with- and they know us.

To that end- we want to shout out the companies we use to create both our dark chocolate bars and milk chocolate bars- and those who have sold our bars from the beginning.  We encourage you to patronize them as well:


Best Colorado Chocolate

We have the best Colorado chocolate- and that's because we are Colorado to the core. From the Bloom Art on our packaging to the fun quotes and facts on the side of the packaging of each bar, we invite you to join our Colorado community by trying our single-origin chocolate. Some of our best sellers include:

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