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Linda Faul Boulder, Colorado

Linda’s inspiration for painting has become a passion; a desire for self expression, enthusiasm and inner peace within herself. Linda enjoys painting subjects from across the United States. This includes Southwestern themes, barns from the northeast, and the mountains and plains of Colorado. Linda’s signature ‘buffalo paintings’ are popular and sought after by collectors nationwide.

Currently Linda's paintings are on display at the R Gallery, Ramble, and Savvy in Boulder, and The Glass Tipi Gallery in Ward. Additionally, she has her paintings exhibited at galleries in Colorado, Ohio, Florida and many more private collections throughout the United States.

What is Art for you?

Art brings satisfaction and joy to myself and others. Teaching classes and selling art in galleries over the past 25 years have fulfilled my life in many aspects.

What is chocolate to you?

Chocolate lifts me up when I'm down. It gives me energy and focus to help me paint.

What inspires you, and this piece in particular?

As an Alumni of the University of Colorado, I have always been a Buff at heart. I find the buffalo a very majestic and inspiring creature. Daily, I drive by a local Buffalo ranch and see them grazing in the plains. This place inspired me to start painting them.

Linda Faul.jpg



$90 16"x20" (includes shipping)

Buffaloes Grazing at Sunset 2023

Linda Faul

Mixed Medium

Original size: 24" x 30"

Appears on: Caramel Coffee

$1 of every bar sold is donated to SPAN -Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence.

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