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Ecuador 72% | Artist: Adam G

Ecuador 72% | Artist: Adam G

Single origin beans sourced from Ecuador. Experience the true flavor of cacao in this dark chocolate, 72% cacao. Sweetened with coconut sugar. Chocolatey and nutty notes. Crafted from meticulously selected cacao, and few and organic ingredients.


Ethically Traded ~ Certified Organic Cacao ~ Gluten Free

Store in a cool, dry and shaded place


DAR ART BARS present limited editions of curated, rotating collections of art on its packaging. Collaborating with artists and inspiring art lovers. Craft chocolate with a purpose.

There’s no rush…Indulge your senses…


Meet the artist: Adam G:

Museum-grade prints are available for purchase. All proceeds go to the artist.

If you got lucky with a Golden Ticket, redeem yours for free!